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Tadeusz Kosciuszko


Tadeusz Andrzej Bonawentura Kosciuszko (1746-1817) was a Polish patriot and a hero in the American Revolution.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko was born on Feb. 12, 1746, in the grand duchy of Lithuania, Poland. A member of the small-gentry class, Kosciuszko attended Warsaw's Royal College, graduating in 1769 with the rank of captain. He completed his military studies in France, Germany, and England, specializing in engineering and artillery. He returned to Poland in 1774 to serve as an artillery officer. Two years later he volunteered to serve the rebels in the American Revolution.

In October 1776, following a short spell as military engineer for the state of Pennsylvania, Kosciuszko received a commission as colonel of engineers in the Continental Army. He served in the northern forces and advised in the planning of the defense of Ticonderoga, N.Y. Then, in the spring of 1778, he went to West Point, N.Y., to take charge of the fortifications there. Two years later he left the northern command for service in the south, where he remained as a fighting officer and a strategist until the capture of Charleston in 1782. In recognition of his many services, the following year the Continental Congress promoted Kosciuszko to brigadier general, made him a citizen of the United States, and awarded him a land grant.

After the war Kosciuszko returned to Poland, but 5 years later he took up arms again, this time as a major general of the Polish army in defense of his native land against the Russians. Unsuccessful at first, Kosciuszko was forced to flee the country. In 1794, however, he returned to lead a victorious, if brief, uprising of the Poles. He was captured in the autumn and sent to St. Petersburg, where he was imprisoned. In 1796 he was released and exiled; he traveled to several European countries before returning to a hero's welcome in America in 1797.

A year later Kosciuszko went back to France, where he wrote his war memoirs, an important study of the horse artillery, and essays on various subjects, including the history of democratic thought. In addition, he was active as a propagandist on behalf of Polish freedom. Kosciuszko spent his last years in Switzerland, where he died on Oct. 15, 1817, in Solothurn. He was buried in Cracow Cathedral. He is one of Poland's most honored patriots.


School`s History

c_190_130_16777215_0___images_stories_O_Nas_historia1.gifDuring the first day at Primary School no 1 in Nowogard, on July 14th ,1945 , there were 4 classes with 16 students.

The current school building was built in 1923. At the time of the liberation struggle in March 1945 the building was used as a front-line hospital so classes had to be moved somewhere else. On July 14th teachers Janina Wołoszyn and Maria Ilnicka conducted lessons on Komandorska Street (now Kiliński ). The study lasted until August 1st , then one-month holiday began.

The new school year began on September 4th . The school had 151 students and 5 teachers. The headmaster was Mrs Maria Kaźmierowska . In addition to the first teachers there were Mrs. Eleonora Zabłocka and Mr. Jerzy Jakubowiak .The number of students grew systematically.

On November 3rd school was moved to a building at Wojska Polskiego street 6. City Board did not give any funds to support the school. There was no janitor, children cleaned the school themselves . The parents gave the school portable heaters and stocked it in fuel. In the school year 1946/47 Mrs. Maria Błażyńska and Stefania Wierciochowa started their work there .

On 7 May 1958 the Primary School in Nowogard adopted as their patron, Tadeusz Kosciuszko . For the first time there was a holiday that has since been celebrated annually . It became the custom to organize the occasion of the exhibition depicting the achievements of the school , which consists of the technical work of students, cups, diplomas, awards.


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